Title: How To Make Your Kitchen Meditation Friendly



Meditation can be a great thing for people. People who meditate can find ways to cut down stress for a moment, which is overall health. Meditation can also help you find solutions. A clear mind, freed from the burden of thousands of concerns, can see problems with greater clarity.


One of the keys to meditation is getting into a rhythm. You have to be able to get into a rote, of needing only instinct to guide you in your task. Through this, you clear the mind, remove conscious thought and replace it with the fertile “nothingness” that allows for meditative insight.


The kitchen is one spot in the house where you can get into that rote rhythm, the sort of flow that frees your mind. It depends entirely on what you cook and how involved it is in the details.


So, if you plan to make your kitchen a more meditation-friendly space, here are a few things you can do to achieve your goal. Though you might need to call for a kitchen renovation website to get these done.


My first suggestion is going for earthen colours. Soft tones are ideal for this.


Use whites, greys, some beige shades, or maybe a couple of pink-beige hybrids. These all help keep the mind relaxed, induce a sense of calmness. Chromatic harmony can help ease the mind into relaxation, especially if there’s visual continuity between all the elements in the kitchen.


Now, this might make things seem monochrome. There are ways around that, too. You need to choose a dominant colour and then add contrasts, like white with moleskin or rosewood paired with beige. This creates visual diversity without sacrificing the calming effect.


Your feet should have softness under it. This helps you meditate. Now, this might be difficult to achieve in a kitchen – wool and resin aren’t exactly standard for kitchen floors. Footwear could help, though.


You want to use natural or light fabrics for this job. These give you a sense of intimacy, but also they cut down on noise. The space for these might not be readily available in a kitchen, but if you can find a place for them – like a window – that works great.


Blinds you can modulate are a nice way to achieve that effect, as well. Pair them with curtains.


Meditative states are easiest to attain in natural light.


Something about the dark may seem like it clears out all visual distraction, but it’s also worrying. Humans have a natural fear of what’s out there in the dark since we’re a very visual animal. Instead, use natural light.


Florescent lights are harsh, but candles and sunlight tend to be more calming. Tinker with light sources to see what works best for your kitchen and your meditation needs. You might even try messing with the placement, just to see what configuration works best.


Of course, clearing the space of anything distracting is important. However, as this is a kitchen, it does need to be a functional area.


One way to help balance this is to check the layout and see if this promotes a better, smoother flow as you cook. If it doesn’t, then you’re going to be minding your movements all the time and not meditating.

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