Powerful Meditation Techniques You Can Try Today

It really is somewhat daunting to try to confine meditation types in a certain number, as there are so most of them, however there are a few most common and the most important that are well worth mentioning here.

1. Mindfulness deep breathing

Mindfulness is simply a meditation way which allows you to become more conscious of the here and the now, i. e. being in the now. You give attention to what is going on around you during the time you are meditating, therefore you become aware of every thought and feeling that you have during the meditation process. The way to do this through following your breat, then moving your full focus on your thoughts, the feelings you have in your body (e. g. tingling in your fingers, tickling of your nose, etc). What you must do is simply becoming an observer, without analyzing or judging.

2. Empty mind meditation

This kind of type of meditation is called ‘awareness without an object’, which means being aware without concentrating on something particular. You simply sit down still, if possible in the lotus position and just allow your head wander on its own. Ignore it silent. If you feel thought approaching, just simply acknowledge them, and enable them evaporate, without judging them.

3. Seeing your breath meditation

Could be this can be the easiest type of meditation, that the newbie can start out with, without becoming overwhelmed.

Sit in your chosen position, close your eyes and give attention to your breathing. Breath normally, avoid force it, and give attention to your breathing. Focus on how the air is heading throughout your nose, down to your lungs, and then how the process is reversed.

4. The Om meditation

You can actually use here either the ‘om’ or just put emphasis on another specific rule, like a positive support. Just keep repeating it as you meditate, if possible aound, or in your head if you’re not alone.

5. Concept yoga

This means you will meditate on an idea, a particular concept like the fleeting nature of life, or anything more, that is not very specific. You could think about how a flower flowers and then it fade away, for example. Essentially this technique bypasses your rational mind, and provides you a different type of understanding.

6. Walking relaxation

Another very powerful and known meditation type. You can practice this type of meditation either in your own room, or outside on your outdoor, or garden. Just watch your body as it moves its different parts one at a time, or together. Watch your legs and arms moving the by. Focus on these, and if you get your mind wandering off, just gently bring it to focusing on your walking. Usually do not judge, just simply allow it to happen and return to meditation.

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