How not to lose your mind


In a world where everything is messed up already, it takes extra effort to not lose one’s mind – It takes a whole lot to keep one’s mind in the confines of sanity.

The first thing that needs consideration in keeping one’s mind in confines of sanity is YOU!

Yes, you – It is your mind. And, as a result of this, no one can do much work as yours in keeping you sane.

To keep one’s mind alive and healthy is not so much of a work to do. Truthfully, it takes more effort to run mad than to be alright mentally.

People who lose their minds engage in things that are easily controlled rather than experienced. Many of them, foremost, don’t feed well – Anyone could at the least afford good dieting. I know it is pretty difficult for some people but I speak of those people who are doing fine financially yet still lose their mind.

For the average and elites constitute a larger percentage of people who lose their minds. The problem with such people is that they don’t place priority on feeding. They’d prefer to use their money to stake on bets than feed with it.

And when they keep losing their stakes on bet, they start getting mad at the fact that they could have done better things with the money. In no time, depression sets in.

And just so you know, depression is one of the basic things that can catalyze you losing your mind.

One other thing that cause lunacy is that we don’t take breaks! Breaks are highly expedient for calming and cooling our brains. To say the fact, breaks are like Air-conditioning system turned on on our heads when we take them. We tend to loosen up the stress accumulated by our brain.

Stress are not good at all for us, they can be eradicated by engaging in many things not farfetched.

I, for one, engage in board games like chess, scrabble and all to chill out and have some breeze to blow away my cares. And, trust me, we all need this!

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